By: John Benson

Can We Actually Ban Small, Yappy Dogs?

Being as I write for a dog blog and actually get paid for it, I hope it doesn’t make me a bad person that part of me wishes that this headline were actually real. More to the point, I hope that I don’t wind up unemployed. Or more unemployed than I already am. I love […]

Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution

The Cell Phone: Savior of Democracy?

  I’m starting to love cell phones more and more. They have their share of frustrations, and sometimes corporate policies piss me right the fuck off, but I think that they\’re turning out to be a great tool for democracy. A lot of the discussions that we’re currently having about police abuse would not be […]

Woman Breastfeeding Baby. Her breast is pixellated with a giant caption: Bottle Not Boobs

Poe’s Law, As Applied to Breastfeeding

It actually did take me a few minutes to figure out whether this was real or fake, which shows you just how solid Poe’s Law really is, when you apply it to real life. For the record, it is a parody, taken from the Facebook page of a group called Christians for Michele Bachmann. Naturally, […]

NSID 2010 - Day 9 by Johnathan Nightingale

Isn’t “Neckbeard” Just a Way to Shame Fat Men?

  I’ve always hated the term “Neckbeard,” because it seems like a really quick and cheap way of saying “fat, nerdy guy” in a way that’s acceptable to people who would otherwise be against body or status shaming. It is definitely not something that you use to describe a thin, popular guy with lots of […]


How is Killing Fluffy Bunnies “Rapey”?

A couple of years back, I wrote a piece called “Why Sex is Not Spiritual” for the SF Weekly arts blog, The Exhibitionist. It’s probably the best piece I ever wrote for them, and one of the best pieces I’ve written on atheism and sex.  It got a lot of comments, many of them outraged […]